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Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation | 2018, Full, movie, Watch & download

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation full movie is a funny yet exciting adventure that both lives up to the first two while creating something never-before-seen in the franchise. This movie was 97 minutes of pure laughter. The only ding against it is that the story is a little predictable. Other than that, Summer Vacation was a super fun film and I really enjoyed it.  Hotel Transylvania 3 : Summer Vacation is a plot driven animation feature that sticks by its motto which is to serve a fun and breezy family time to the audience. There is a lot of heart and genuine emotions that flows as chemistry among the characters which does communicate with the audience that helps fuel this flawed and at times ridiculous comic feature.

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As often such animation feature does, it is rich on technical aspects like its visual effects, up beating songs and sharp sound effects although the editing and background score could have been a lot better. The relations depicted from the scratch stands alone among all the other bits and pieces, since its sweet and even though corny, journey is something that touches the viewers. The writing is; as mentioned earlier, cheesy and corny with pretentious and foricbly installed humor that works only half the time.

The screenplay by McCullers and Tartakovsky is blunt and shallow but is adaptive and gripping with typical sketchy comic sequences pitched in to lure the audience and suffice its commercial aspects. Gendy Tartakovsky; the co-writer and director, has done a decent work on executing the scattered script and blends it nicely that may be easily forgetful but is entertaining in its own terms.

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The returned voice cast (Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez and Andy Samberg) holds on to their parts convincingly with additional cast Kathryn Hahn and Jim Gaffigan supporting them nicely. The build-up of the relationship of Sandler and Hahn, eerie yet impactful climax and, the characteristics of the characters are the high points of the feature that draws in most of the laughs.  Hotel Transylvania 3 : Summer Vacation is chalky around the edges and adventurous at heart which may not be the game changer in the franchise but has certainly maintained the quality with the franchise

So, this must be what my dad meant by going into a movie blind. Three years after Genndy Tartakovsky brought us number two, he returns, refreshed after finishing his masterful final season of SAMURAI JACK, to bring us this years HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3: Summer Vacation. I went into this film completely blind, but in a different way. I knew the entire plot – thanks Wikipedia – but I had never seen either of the previous films, but I did have an idea of what they were like from clips on YouTube. Also, I didn’t really have a real desire to see this, but after seeing Chris Stuckmann and Jeremy Jahns reviews of the film, as well as the overall love of the first two, I figured, what the hell, I’m not doing anything today, I’l go see it. And boy was I surprised!

In the film, Dracula (Adam Sandler) is seen to be feeling lonely and stressed out after running Hotel Transylvania after over 100 years. Mavis (Selena Gomez) decides to take him and the rest of the monster squad out on a cruise. Little do they know that Captain Erica (Kathryn Hahn) is the great-granddaughter of the legendary Van Helsing, out to kill Dracula! What makes this even worse? Dracula has fallen head over heels for her! Sounds like a recipe for some absolute insanity, right?

Well, that is EXACTLY WHAT YOU GET HERE. I’m usually used to Tartakovsky’s much more restrained, realistic animation style alas SAMURAI JACK. However, seeing as how he has a writing credit here, he has fully embraced the absolute insanity that the last two films have had. Seriously, the animation style is so wacky and completely unrealistic. It gets so busy sometimes that you just have to laugh at how the characters are moving. However, that doesn’t replace the fact that the characters are just as hilarious on their own. My personal favorite, surprisingly, actually has to be Adam Sandler as Dracula. Now, to be honest, I am not a big fan of Sandler. I feel like he’s just way too childish for films that are rated PG-13. However, I think this is where his style of humor actually works. Being used in a wacky out-of-control kids film fits him better. But it’s not just the humor. There are a few genuinely emotional moments that Sandler actually nails. I can’t wait to see how he did in the previous ones.

Now, everything, at least I thought, was absolutely amazing. However, I withhold the film a full five stars for two reasons. One, I can see why this film has a 59% on Rotten Tomatoes for the Audience reception. Some people probably want to see something a little bit more revolutionary in their kids films. However, just like Chris Stuckmann, this doesn’t need to be. It’s a perfectly fine kids film with just enough for both kids AND adults. Second, another reason people may not like it because it is just SO BUSY. The jokes, the characters, the dialogue, everything! While kids won’t really care, the adults in the audience might just get motion sickness from how fast it goes.So, while not many people will like it, I found it incredibly enjoyable. Fun fast-paced animation, good performances, especially from Adam Sandler, and plenty of jokes to go around. I’m going to give it an A-. Go check out this movie if you can and have a great evening!!!